About Us

 Asian Institute of Orthopaedic Surgery and Industry 



In response to the national development and internationalization trend, to enhance global
industry-academia cooperation, therefore, Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) has set up “KMU-Asian Institute of Orthopaedic Surgery and Industry (AIOSI)” as a teaching unit belong to its College of Medicine. AIOSI (I’ll see) was officially set up by Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau (STSP Bureau)’s “New Southbound Policy” on January 30, 2019, in order to promote medical education, and to cultivate medical R&D talents required by industry sector, to enhance the capacity of orthopaedics education in Asia, furthermore, to enhance KMU student’s international competitiveness.

Core Values

AIOSI was set up to meet the clinical requirement of Asian patients, we promote Made In Taiwan (MIT) medical materials via our excellent medical education team, our purpose is to improve the visibility of Taiwan’s bio-technology industry to the world. We adopt new venture business concept to integrate clinical training, academic research, speech, seminar, and business to create a brand new think tank , to improve national and global industry-academia cooperation !


1. Academic Exchange of Orthopaedics

We exchange our precious experience with orthopaedic surgeons and companies all over the world via lectures, workshops, and seminars.

2. Advanced Clinical Technology

AIOSI provides medical education and clinical technology which suits for Asian human body’s curvature.

3. Innovative Technology

AIOSI establishes “Division of R&D Cooperation” which is a platform for orthopaedics industry, aims at the research and development of innovative technology, and to empower the technological progress on orthopaedic medical materials.

4. New Venture Star

AIOSI integrates academic and industry resources, we successfully create international cooperation and development, we can assist people with new venture dream to conquer every obstacle from the R&D stage to mass production, you will be the next new venture star! 。

5. Effect of Bio-Medical Community

AIOSI connects business, clinical and research institute to create an Asian bio-medical industry chain.