*Image Source: Taiwan External Trade Development Council, TAITRA

As people pay more and more attention to health and life, the medical and care service industry comes up successively with creative new technology and solutions, and we will witness these incredible new venture in “2019 Medical Taiwan and Taiwan Medical Components & Manufacturing Expo (MCMEX)” during June 27 – 30, 2019. For example, the new venture strength of bio-medical material and medical care service is displayed in Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU)’s section: KMU integrates various technology, products and services from “Office for Operation of Industry and University Cooperation(OOIUC)”, ” Innovation Incubation Center”, “Southern Taiwan Industry-Academy Alliance”, and “Asian Institute of Orthopaedic Surgery and Industry (AIOSI).”

KMU Presents 3 Sections to Display New Venture Strength on Medical Material
Project manager Li-Chen Yen from OOIUC (KMU) said that when KMU joined “2018 Medical Taiwan”, they found that exhibition visitors are experts, and most companies attended the exhibition are the target group of KMU’s academic-industry cooperation, that is why KMU joins “2019 Medical Taiwan” and registers 3 sections to display KMU’s innovative technology and academic-industry cooperation achievements, especially the MIT (Made In Taiwan) medical material from AIOSI.

Innovative Technology of KMU
This section displays KMU’s academic research on medical material which includes technology as “Extracorporeal Optical Equipment of Precise Screw Positioning”, “Automatic Evaluation of Upperlid Ptosis”, “Method for Additive Manufacturing a 3D Printed Ceramic Object with Negative Thermo-Response Hydrogel”, “Antibacterial Biomedical Materials and Its Application”…etc. KMU shows the world its academic research strength, therefor, KMU attracts companies with technology requirement to ask for cooperation and technology transfer; furthermore, this section displays project content of “Southern Taiwan Industry-Academy Alliance”, KMU expects to attract more companies to join this alliance project, to cooperate together, to create more competitive technology and products.

KMU-Innovation Incubation Center
3 potential Small and Medium Enterprises which are guided by KMU-Innovation Incubation Center display their creative products and service in this section. “Crux Health Technologies Co., Ltd.” was established by KMU, it displays “long distance health care platform”, “LaunXP biomedical” was guided by KMU, it displays “bio-technology development and service.”

Kaohsiung Medical University leads its new venture teams to attend the exhibition, which displays Taiwan new venture’s power and strength /*Image Source: Taiwan External Trade Development Council, TAITRA

Asian Institute of Orthopaedic Surgery and Industry (AIOSI)
There are companies as Hung Chun Bio-S Tech, United Orthopedic Corporation, J.O. Corporation, TAICEND Co., Ltd., Joy Medical Devices Co.,Ltd., and Aplus Biotechnology display their creative orthopaedic products and technology in this section, they want to find business opportunities and cooperative partnership. KMU believes that they will attract more companies to join AIOSI, and connect to more cooperative partnership to build up a stronger Taiwan orthopaedics industry chain, to promote MIT products with more partners.

We all witness Taiwan as “a crucial region in new venture medical material industry” via KMU’s incredible performance that they connect academic research and industry. We can expect that “Medical Taiwan & MCMEX” as a best platform for product exposure and business opportunities, it leads the way forward for university’s technology, finds business opportunities and technology resources for company, and helps new venture business head toward global stage, create more opportunities for Taiwan’s smart medical and care service.

“2019 Medical Taiwan and MCMEX” is the best platform for the exposure of new venture and business opportunity /*Image Source: Taiwan External Trade Development Council, TAITRA