1st AIOSI International Conference:Implant Design from The View of Asia


We sincerely invite you to the 1st AIOSI international conference: Implant Design from The View of Asia, which will take place on 17th October 2020, at Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan. This conference will focus on the advancement and future of implant of orthopaedic trauma. The Programme Committee has developed a jam-packed program incorporating keynote lectures in various designs of orthopaedic implants, given by Yudha Mathan Sakti M.D., Ph.D. from Indonesia, Chng Hwei Choo M.D. from Malaysia, Ching-Hou Ma M.D., Yih-Wen Tarng M.D., Ph.D., Jian-Chih Chen M.D., Ph.D., Kai-Cheng Lin M.D., and Hung-Wen Wei, Ph.D. from Taiwan. Connect with peers on new collaborations, meet people with similar interests and gain exposure to new techniques in your field!

Plan now to take part in this highly anticipated meeting!

我們誠摯地邀請您參與第一屆AIOSI international conference: Implant Design from The View of Asia,本次會議將於2020年10月17日假高雄醫學大學舉辦,內容包含骨科創傷植入技術的發展與未來。我們非常榮幸地邀請到來自印尼的Yudha Mathan Sakti博士、馬來西亞的Chng Hwei Choo醫師與台灣經驗豐富的骨科學者:唐逸文主任、陳建志主任、林楷城主治醫師 以及魏鴻文博士給予演講。我們非常期待您的蒞臨參與一同共襄盛舉本次盛會。

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