Privacy Policy

The website of the Asian Institute of Orthopaedic Surgery and Industry (AIOSI) (hereinafter referred to as “this Website”) was established by FullDot Technology Co., Ltd. This Website absolutely respects and protects your personal information and privacy rights. To help you understand how this Website collects, uses, processes and protects the personal information you provide, please read this Privacy Policy (AIOSI Members’ Personal Information Collection Notification and Privacy Policy Statement) carefully.


  1. Asian Institute of Orthopaedic Surgery and Industry (AIOSI) Members’ Personal Information Collection Notification

To protect your rights and interests, please read the following Personal Information Protection Act carefully:

(1) Name of non-public organization: Asian Institute of Orthopaedic Surgery and Industry.

(2) Purpose of personal information collection: marketing; consumers, customer management and services; matters concerning contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationship; credit cards, cash cards, debit cards or electronic ticket business; booking, accommodation registration and ticketing business; legal transactions of personal information; consumer protection; investigation, statistics and research analysis; database management; member management; operations of business registered in the business registration certificate or business as defined in the articles of association.

(3) Types of personal information collected: name, date of birth, identification document that are enough to identify the users, address, contact number, e-mail address, passport number, passport file, etc.

(4) The period, areas, targets and methods of the use of personal information:

Periods: Duration for AIOSI’s operations and retention period of personal information in accordance with laws and regulations.

Areas: The areas in which AIOSI operates.

Targets: AIOSI, and the affiliates and the partners entrusted by the Company.

Methods: AIOSI provides on-site teaching and on-demand teaching service providers as well as cross-regional and time-based teaching platforms (courses); the Company’s products and services include: all courses on the platform, relevant teaching materials for the courses and for users’ Instant information feedback; marketing, event messaging, etc. The same is true for the affiliates and the partners entrusted by the Company due to business needs.


(5) You may, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and relevant laws and regulations, request to query, read, make copies of, supplement or correct your personal information, and have the rights to request to discontinue the collection, processing or usage of the personal information, as well as to delete the personal information. The ways of exercising such rights shall be governed by the laws and the relevant regulations of the Company. For details, please contact us.  Based on Articles 10 and 11 of the Personal Information Protection Act as well as the consideration of the need to execute its business and the retention period required by laws, AIOSI may decide whether to accept the application or not.


(6) You are free to choose whether to fill in your personal information (except for those required by law). If the information provided is insufficient or incorrect, it will affect the result of the service application or integrity of services provided.


  1. The privacy protection statement

(1) Scope of application

This statement includes how AIOSI handles the personally identifiable information collected by us from you when you use the services of this Website, participate in the activities, marketing, customer management and services, paid courses and other e-commerce services provided by us on this Website, and join members of this Website, and how you handle any identity identification materials used by the partner in cooperation with us.

(2) Collection of data

The purpose of AIOSI’s collection of your personal information is to verify the identity of the users who obtain information on this Website and to provide various services. The scope is as follows:

AIOSI will ask you to provide your personal information, including but not limited to your name, ID card number, mobile phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, address, etc. when you access services on this Website, browse the pages of this Website, participate in promotional activities, and order our products/ services. AIOSI will retain the above information provided by you such as IP address, usage time, browser, browsing and clicking records, etc., and will also keep relevant records generated on the system when you browse or query online,

(3) Relevant links to the Website

If this Website provides links to other websites, this Policy shall not apply to those websites. Please refer to the privacy protection policy of the linked website.

(4) Application of data

In order to provide you with more services or offers, AIOSI will provide sufficient instructions in advance if you are requested to provide your personal information to AIOSI’s partners, and you are free to choose whether to accept the specific service or offer. AIOSI will never disclose your personal information to any third party or for other purposes than information collection purposes, unless we have obtained your consent or otherwise specified by other laws.

(5) Protection of data

AIOSI will properly protect your personal information with strict protection measures, comply with the strict requirements of relevant authorities, prevent unauthorized personnel from contacting you, and provide internal personnel with complete and comprehensive confidential education. If, for business purpose, it is necessary to entrust third parties to provide services, AIOSI will also strictly requires them to comply with the confidentiality obligations.

(6) The use of cookies

In order to provide you with better personalized services, to facilitate your use or statistical analysis of browsing modes, and to improve our services, etc., so that the information system can identify users’ information, this Website may use cookies to record and analyze your browsing behavior on this Website.

(7) Amendment to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy Statement will be appropriately modified in response to regulatory amendments or other environmental and demand changes in order to ensure the protection of your privacy rights. The amended terms will be announced immediately on this Website.