Asian Bio-medical Industry Chain

The age of AI (Artificial intelligence) is coming, while human being looks for a healthy life, AIOSI plays a key role to provide abundant and creative solutions. Since A.I.O.S.I. integrates software and hardware into a complete bio-medical system, and exchange our precious experience with orthopaedic surgeons and companies all over the world via lectures, workshops, and seminars, we are the leading research institute in the global medical industry. With government’s encouragement on bio-medical research and business development, AIOSI is the platform which promotes R&D regarding orthopaedic industry, we welcome medical experts and businessmen to join us, together we create a high-quality orthopaedic material product made in Taiwan (MIT).

New Venture in Bio-Medical Industry
With support from the government’s policy, the legislation of academic-industry cooperation, and lots more R&D resources, AIOSI is the hub that connects industry, academic and medical talents to work together. We are the core institute in Asia to integrate upstream, midstream, and downstream industry, and we are confident that the future is in Asia, AIOSI’s effort will certainly promote new ventures in the bio-medical industry, create a prosperous and healthy future.

Competitiveness of Next Generation : Bio-Medical Industry
AIOSI provides medical technology that suits Asian ergonomics, R&D staffs on medical material, complete equipments and the perfect environment to help every dreamer of new ventures in the bio-medical industry to conquer obstacles from R&D to mass production, we can make your dreams come true.